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The Road

The road is planned to begin as a spur off the busy Hicks Gate roundabout, where the A4174 ring road meets and joins the A4 Bath to Bristol road just west of Keynsham.

The road’s route plan will then head west towards Stockwood, but turn south to cross Stockwood Lane, and then run between the eastern edge of Stockwood and the Stockwood Vale golf club.

It would then pass the HorseWorld headquarters in Stockwood, cross Queen Charlton Lane and Woollard Lane before joining up with the A37 Wells Road just south of Whitchurch Village.

This road will, in theory, provide an alternative long-distance route for traffic heading across the south of Bristol that currently travels on the section of the A4 between Hicks Gate and Brislington Hill (past the Brislington park and ride, which is one of Bristol’s most congested roads) and then along the present A4174 Airport Road towards Hengrove.

The Houses

Along with the road will come the houses - in fact without the houses, we understand there will be no road.

Several different development layouts have been presented to residents of Whitchurch, but all contain two specific elements - homes to be built in stages to the south east of the new road and to the east of Wells Road, with a smaller section to the north, near Horseworld between Stockwood and Whitchurch.

Additionally the Park & Ride on the A4 would become housing along with the site of the existing garden centre at Hicks Gate.

The secret garden centre on Stockwood Road is also due to become housing approximately 10 homes will be sited here.


Take a look at our short film explaining the proposed road route.

This film was released to give the local community key information regarding the proposed route and to demonstrate the impact on the green belt and residents of Stockwood, Whitchurch Village and Whitchurch.

If you think you can donate or know some one who can, please do and share this link.

Any money leftover at the end of this campaign, will go to local causes. We will be transparent in our costs.

Thank you all for your support.

JLTP4 Consultation Closed 20th March 2019

The closing date for comments on the Join Local Transport Plan 4 was 20th March 2019, we are extremely proud to say that we delivered 953 objection letters by hand. An example of how strong and determind our community is. Especially when we think about the health and well-being of ourselves and our children.

This is not a done deal and we continue to battle on your behalf.

Thank you!

Open Video Letter

This is an open letter to various member of councils within WECA regarding the proposed road.

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