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I had an email from Marvin today (04/04/19).  I have been waiting for answers to questions forever!

Marvin said: Thank you for following up – Kye gets a lot of emails in his role as transport and energy lead and I am sure will come back to you as soon as he can.


I replied:

I was assured, Dana Curran in your Customer Relations team, that I could expect a reply by no later than 30th March. Complaint reference CRN00217342

Just to clarify, I sent a statement into the full council meeting on 15th Jan 2019. The response, that eventually receive on 7th Feb, did not address the issues and lead to more questions.

I replied on 8th February, I wanted the answers in time for me to reply to the JLTP4.

I then discovered that you had passed responsibility to Kye Dudd. I saw Kye at a meeting at Bridge Farm school. He said that he was new in the role and was working on the reply.

I again meet Kye at Kerry McCarthy’s meeting in Stockwood. He said that he didn’t know all the answers to my questions and had people finding out for him.

I asked questions on the 8th February. I am still waiting for the answers on 4th April. This is unacceptable.                                                                                                                                                          

You say, I can appreciate residents’ concerns about Whitchurch lane, which is why transport planners are looking at what can be done. I would like to know what can be done regarding the concerns about using Whitchurch Lane. I have NOT heard one single one of the specific issues addressed.

You say, Bristol’s air quality is a key priority. Why has NOONE address the concerns about putting a ring road NEXT to a large junior school and on a residential road?

You say, transport planners are working with residents as part of the consultation response. Please can you give the full details.

I am aware that a transport team was sent out to work with some people from the South Bristol Wrong Road Facebook Group. I understand that the term ‘work with’ has to be used loosely. I understand that they transport team failed to mention something quite relevant that meant all the hours or hard work that the volunteers was wasted. The volunteers were genuinely looking for affordable sensible solutions to help deal with congestion and pollution that currently exists in certain areas of South Bristol. I am not aware that at any time, the specific concerns of the issues of using Whitchurch lane has been addressed.

What other groups local residents are you working with?

What have the transport planners confirmed that can be done on Whitchurch Lane?

I am getting a little fed up of hearing the same responses to our my genuine concerns:

  • Change is coming
  • We must prepare
  • More houses are needed
  • Pollution must be reduced
  • Congestion must ne ease
  • Etc etc etc

I, and the 1000’s of others, are aware of all of the above, you do not need to keep repeating it to me. I am at the next stage, I want answers to my questions. I am a positive person and I genuinely want to interact to help find the solutions. BUT it feels like you are not actually listening to what the residents are saying. It feels like you are on a mission to build houses regardless of who is negatively impacted along the way.

As the time moves forward, I have more genuine legitimate questions. I am entitled to answers. I have been patient.

When will ALL my questions be answered?

Please reply to this email quickly, especially as I need details of the MP’s meeting that you refer to.

I will let you know when I get answers to my questions.


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