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  • Agent Kim

Last week has been full on.

I finalised my statements for the JSP (Joint Spatial Plan) hearings, they are due to start in July

It was good to liaise with the ‘Whitchurch Village Neighbourhood plan’ team. It is so important that the local people work together for the same aim. I also emailed my comments for the BLP (Bristol Local Plan) which closed on 24th May.

I have been continuing trying to get to the bottom of why the traffic monitoring systems which were installed, all around the area, in April. I feel that I am being given the runaround. I live in the Bristol City Council area (BCC) and yet I have been referred to Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) for the answer. But BANES are not replying to my emails and BCC say that they have no control over BANES. These are the two councils who have a ‘Duty to Co-operate’ with each other according to the information on the JSP. Getting nowhere I have ended up putting in two official complaints, one to each council.

Talking of the JSP, where exactly does West of England Combined Authority (WECA) fit in? NB WECA are the authors of the Joint Local Transport Plan (JLTP4), this is the plan that contains the ‘new road’ and using Whitchurch Lane as part of the South Bristol Orbital Highway. This is the road that will support the 2500 houses next to the A37 Wells Road, in Whitchurch. Again, I have been emailing and telephoning whoever I can. WECA’s view that there is NOT a formal Duty to Co-operate requirement between WECA and the four authorities. The four authorities agree. However, they say that there is and has been, co-operation and close involvement of officers from WECA with the JSP team in the preparation. However, WECA has prepared the JLTP4 which was released for comment AFTER the JSP. Doesn’t seem like they are co-operating much to me ….even if they say they do not formally have to.

I have also been tweeting. Mayor Marvin Rees tweeted a picture showing a van parked awkwardly making it difficult for school children getting to school. I replied reminding him that he supports the ring road on Whitchurch Lane that will make it even more difficult for children to get to school EVERY day! I also commented on Bristol City Councils ‘Walk to school’ initiative. I asked them how making Whitchurch Lane part of the ring road, will help children walk, or even cycle, to Whitchurch schools?

Thinking about it, I have not had a response to my tweet to Kerry McCarthy MP. I wanted to know if she supports destroying Green Belt to build a new road. I might tweet her again now.

Agent Kim


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