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I don’t think that there is a day go by where I do not do something for the South Bristol Wrong Road Group. It is almost hard to imagine my life before that day last November when my friend said ‘did I know that they were planning to use Whitchurch Lane as a Ring Road. Even now, when I think of what she said it sounds even more ludicrous knowing how very poorly planned it is.

I had good news this week, I personally have a seat at the round table discussions for the JSP hearings. It was good to see that there is so much interest in the hearings although that means that the sessions will be over more days than anticipated and some of the dates change. Most people are booking holiday to go away, I am booking holiday to go to the hearings!

As well as working on the Statement for Matter 7.2 at the JSP hearings, I have also been working on a statement to submit to the council meeting when they discuss the Bristol Transport Strategy https://bristol.citizenspace.com/growth-regeneration/bristol-transport-strategy/ I will be referring to the conclusions of the 20mph review limit https://bristol.citizenspace.com/growth-regeneration/bristol-transport-strategy/ This is another reason why Whitchurch Lane is not just suitable to be a ring road.

I have also been continuing to ‘Tweet’ whenever there is an appropriate opportunity to do so. My Twitter name is @AgentKim please follow me if you are a tweeter.

I genuinely feel that Bristol City Council (BCC) are letting Bath and North East Somerset Council (BANES) treat them appallingly. There is absolutely no consideration as to the impact that letting a new road, spew out all its extra diverted traffic onto Whitchurch Lane. There will be traffic diverted from the Bath Road, traffic from the 12,000 plus home in the area. The pollution will be horrendous.

It also concerns me that, looking at the proposed route on the map it might be the quickest way to get from the M4 to the M5. Once that goes on the Sat Nav systems, can you imagine all the holiday traffic as well? Anyone who regularly uses Whitchurch Lane will already know that the times that it moves at a snail’s pace and the time it happens is already increasing. It already can’t take much more traffic.

The other side that drives me to do what I am doing is the loss of Green Belt to build roads and houses. The reason why the land was designated as Green Belt has not gone away.

For all the reasons above, I am NOT going away either!


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