It is our mission to protect the green belt and our community.

Our aim is to protect the green belt around South Bristol and stop Whitchurch Lane being used as part of the South Bristol Orbital Highway.

We want to prevent the current proposals and support the local authorities in delivering reduced traffic through the surrounding communities.

We will work together with the local authorities, councillors and community groups in representing local resident’s views and to be their voice.

Our Values

We believe that the area that we live in must be protected for the health and wellbeing of the people and wildlife. Our homes and communities MUST be safe and healthy places to live and work. We want to be seen as people, with homes and lives and not just as lines on a map.

We do not want to do anything that will negatively impact on others in the way that the proposed plans will negatively affect us. We are not Nimby’s. We are Lamby’s LOOKING AFTER MY BACK YARD.

We want to be inclusive in our campaign across all demographics, raising awareness and encouraging them to use their voice.

Our Objectives

We will proactively and peacefully engage with the people who make the decisions and aim to have a positive influence.

We will co-operate and not confront, always taking a positive approach, whenever possible.

We want to keep things simple and efficient and not be tied up by bureaucracy that some official bodies have to consider.

We will not recognise the arbitrary lines of council borders. Our plight is regardless of party politics.

We will work as a team of friends and neighbours who live in an area of South Bristol. We will do all we can to protect the standard of our lives so that we can live in a safe and healthy environment.

We will try to include all residents, especially those who are not on Facebook or social media etc.

We will utilise the offers of help and support of the Facebook members to achieve our aim, including setting up sub groups for certain tasks.

We will work with other local groups, where appropriate and utilise others previous experiences.

We will include MP’s and local councillors, as necessary, as a source of help and support.

We will take any actions by peaceful means and without a negative impact on other people. We want to get as many people on side as possible. We do not want to alienate anyone.

We will keep all our Facebook members informed as we progress.

Do you want to help us?

If you feel that you have any skills or time to help us protect the green belt and our communities please do get in touch.

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